Aesthetic medicine describes medical techniques that focus on improving cosmetic appearance of the skin.

Look and Feel Your Best

“Ultimately, people want to look and feel their best. In my years of practicing Family Medicine, I have come across so many people that have concerns falling into the category of medical aesthetics. I needed to do something that would allow my advanced training in the medical field to benefit those patients in an entirely different way. I am excited to offer new techniques and the best equipment available to help people on that journey to look and feel more vibrant.”    – Marisa Albertson, MD

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My education in the medical field has provided a solid, extensive foundation in anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry that elevates our treatment regimens to a whole different level. Our treatments are customized, individualized, and uniquely for YOU!

Advanced Equipment

Results attained differ based on user experience, training and the modality by which the procedure is performed. We use state-of the art equipment and the newest technology available to provide clients with the best outcomes possible. I want our patients to feel comfortable with their treatment, excited about their results, and to know they are receiving care at the premier medical aesthetics clinic in the region.

With our advanced training,

we’re the premier clinic

for skincare and laser treatments.

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